'how does it feel to hold on and just listen to the moment?


it can be the most magical. the love for the moment, the moment of silence.

that moment when I feel myself, in connection with everything.

I feel my inner side and experience the intimacy and emptiness in it,

which gives me energy, inspiration and balance.


I feel close to myself, I feel all-one'




Through his photographs Jonas Loellmann invites the viewer to be part of his deep fascination and desire for connection, meaning and the dialog with nature and people around us. In his work which is often inspired by the uncontrolable character of nature and the emotions it causes inside him, he knows how to transform quickly passing moments into poetic pictures, revealing a fascinating perception of light and harmony.




Born 1981 in Lörrach, Germany.

Jonas grew up in the countryside in the south of Germany. At a quite young age he already felt a deep fascination to perceive the beauty of the moment in a simple way and to share it somehow with his surrounding and the people around him. Photography became a great tool for him to document and share this perception and experiences it in a visual way.

After finishing school, he decided to live in Costa Rica for 6 month. Fulfilling his dream of living by the ocean and opening a door that showed him a strong fascination to travel and discover the world.
Then he moved to the Netherlands in 2004 where he started his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. During that period he spend 3month in New York to live there and work on different personal projects. In 2008 he finished successfully his Bachelor of Fine Arts and lived in Berlin, New York and Rio de Janeiro for certain periods.

In 2011 he moved back to Maastricht where he set up his studio to have a habour which allows him to process what he has collected along the way.
Next to his photography he started several musical projects and collaborating with his brother Valentin Loellmann on a regular base becoming the ‘visual department’ of StudioValentinLoellmann.

Currently (if he is not traveling) Jonas is living in Maastricht, working on his photography, music and working on different projects with his brother.




mail: jloellmann@hotmail.com

phone: +31 643 727 194



2019 - 'and in those waves were all the colors of the world' (solo) - BLUE MOUNTAIN SCHOOL, London, UK

2018 - 'a presence of light' (solo) - GALERIE POST&GARCIA, Maastricht, Netherlands

2018 - 'die werkstatt' (group) - GALERIE SPAZIO NOBILE, Brussels, Belgium

2016 - 'six artists / six pieces' (group) - DE MELDKAMER, Maastricht, Netherlands

2015 - 'light eye see' (solo) - DE MELDKAMER, Maastricht, Netherlands

2014 - 'opening' - DE MELDKAMER, Maastricht, Netherlands

2014 - (solo) - GALERIE FREITAG1830, Aachen, Germany

2014 - 'during TEFAF' (with my father Uwe and my brother Valentin) - DE MELDKAMER, Maastricht, Netherlands

2013 - 'miniaturen' (group) - GALERIE FREITAG1830, Aachen, Germany

2013 - (solo) - GIRLS NEXT DOOR, Budapest, Hungary

2013 - (group) - GALERIE FREITAG1830, Aachen, Germany

2012 - 'miniaturen' (group) - GALERIE FREITAG1830, Aachen, Germany

2012 - 'six artists / six pieces' (group) - DE GLAZEN KAST, Oud Rekem, Belgium

2012 - GALERIE FREITAG1830, Aachen, German

2012 - FORMES et UTOPIE, Megeve, France

2012 - 'SALON/maastricht' (group exhibition) MARRES, Maastricht, Netherlands

2012 - 'six artists / six pieces' (group exhibition) Maastricht, Netherlands

2011 (group exhibition) SCOPE13, Maastricht, Netherlands

2011 - (with my brother Valentin) GALERIE SPIELMANN, Ehrwald, Austria

2011 - 'an intense being of feeling' (solo exhibition) TRADERS POP GALLERY, Maastricht, Netherlands

2010 - (with my father Uwe and my brother Valentin) UWE LÖLLMANN, Hilzingen, Germany

2010 - 'wonderful now' (solo exhibition), Köln, Germany

2010 - 'wonderful now' (solo exhibition), KONSUMAT, Pforzheim, Germany

2009 - 'wonderful now' (solo exhibition), ALICE GRYPHIUS, Berlin, Germany

2008 - (with my father Uwe) UWE LÖLLMANN, Hilzingen, Germany

2008 - 'the moment inbetween'. (solo exhibition), DE GLAZEN KAST,.Oud-Rekem, Belgium

2008 - graduation exhibition (group exhibition) ...AINSI / Maastricht / Netherlands





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Cordula Löllmann

Valentin Löllmann

Amelie Marei Löllmann

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